If you think that 2017 was a creative year for web designers, wait until 2018 arrives. Those responsible for feeling the pulse of the market and identifying rising trends within a wide range of industries are talking about a 2018 full of experiences in the web design and development world. Virtual reality and voice user interfaces are dominant figures already. Tomorrow brings simple, clean designs that allow room for immersive technologies. Want to see what websites will look like in a few months? Read on as we take a a deep dive into the emerging 2018 web design trends!

Virtual Reality Videos

2017 is the year that is showing us the faces behind the services and products we use through video intros. Video, in general, has played a vital role in marketing a business. So, it is no surprise that we also see a rise in services and apps that make it easier to create videos. Now, websites are expected to take video to another level in 2018. We will be seeing more of 360 videos, interactive videos, and 360 modelling videos. The fascinating about these videos is that they can be easily created with the use of apps that are already available, such as Google’s Cardboard Camera Video Stitch, and 360Cam, with more to come as the trend takes the business world by storm.

Clean Layouts

We saw websites become simpler and cleaner in 2017 as a means to perform better in their mobile version. Mobile users want fast and responsive websites. Too many images slow down a website’s mobile performance. With the number of mobile searches steadily increasing (and nothing indicating that things will change dramatically, at least, in the near future), we expect this trend not only to continue in 2018 but also adopt new technologies, such as chatbots, interactive animations, and augmented reality, to name just a few. Long gone are the days when websites were loaded with heavy graphics that distracted users’ attention. The future lies in new interfaces that engage and a good digital marketing agency can help lead you in the right direction.

IoT (Internet Of Things)

More and more devices we use everyday tend to be connected to the internet. To achieve that, we use the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Websites will use this technology next year much more than ever before, so we anticipate to see smarter websites and IoT interfaces that allow users to interact with smart devices. Although it may be quite difficult and somewhat complicated to create a smart website yourself, a professional web designer and developer will certainly make sure they create an easy-to-use interface to get you connected.

New Technologies

Chatbots are nothing too new. However, they have certainly evolved over the past few years. At first, communicating with the use of a bot was difficult and rather frustrating because it couldn’t help resolve an issue. Nowadays, machine learning and artificial intelligence have helped make bots smarter. We see websites implementing chatbots with enhanced problem-solving options. In the coming year, we expect this technology to be incorporated into business websites. Of course, they (the bots) will be even more sophisticated so that they can provide seamless web interactions. It won’t be long before we get to interact with company websites that analyse their customers’ past interactions with the company and know exactly what they (the customers) want. You can only imagine how this will affect customer service, right?


Malware attacks, data breaches, and malicious hackers trying to take over your server or manipulate it to promote illegal content or spam emails to users are things we hear a lot about lately. So, it is no wonder there has been an increasing concern about website security matters. In 2014, Google took steps to inform users of harmful websites. Today, migrating to HTTPS protocol is more than important; it is critical to your website’s security. Web design and development will continue to work towards protecting websites’ data and their customers’ information from attacks. People will only interact with you and your website only if they feel they can trust you. This is why it is paramount you make sure your security certificate is up-to-date on every single page you have.

Expressive Typography Design

Typography is about to take center-stage as a design element in 2018. Already, we are witnessing a change of course and images giving their place to playful, colorful, artistic fonts. Makes a lot of sense actually, especially if you consider the fact that typography doesn’t add too much weight to a page (unlike images, as mentioned above). Expressive typography helps create cleaner lines, leaving enough room for CTA (Calls To Action) and logos to pop on-page. Vibrant, creative text-based designs that allow websites to quickly communicate messages to users (and keep mobile users happy) will take over next year, while headers are expected to become bolder so that they proclaim the purpose of the page upon sight.


Cinemagraphs are quick snippets that create a dynamic image and will be used to draw attention to key points on the page. For instance, if you create a 360–degree view of a product, a web designer could program these views to run when scrolled into view. That way, you can increase conversions. Alternatively, you may use cinemagraphs as a fun way to capture engagement by, say, adding 360 cinemagraphs to your navigation menu or product pages that dance when a user touches the screen. Great way to monetize your website in 2018!

Voice User Interface

A voice user interface refers to our interaction with a computer in the form of speech (see Cortana and Siri). Over the years, voice user interfaces have come to understand a whole lot more than before and have also been taught to act on complex voice commands. Pair them with machine learning and you will create interfaces that can foretell what you need before you even complete the command. That aside, having a website with conversational content in 2018 is key given the impressive increase in voice searches.

With the new web design trends anticipated to change the way websites interact with users, you now have a superb opportunity to wow your customers and increase conversions remarkably. With the right tools and design professionals, you can offer users a great online journey while browsing your website or trying to get to know more about you and your products/services. Keep them on their toes, and you will have them for life!

Creating Less But Better Content

Most websites want more visitors.  That requires better rankings in the search engines.  But SEO is getting harder and harder and finding a trustworthy SEO company is even more difficult.  Many have found that creating more content is not necessarily the key to higher rankings.  It’s true that fresh content published on your website does indeed help, but what’s more important is that the content be of high quality.  In other words, if you want to outrank your competitors, they key is to publish content that’s better than theirs.

Better content generally means longer, more in-depth content.  That requires time to do the research and write articles that are thorough and unique.  But all of that time spent in producing high quality content is worth it as many have found because in the end, the best content will eventually rank the best, leading to more traffic and customers for you.